Platinum Package (2000 Minutes)


Platinum Call Package for businesses with an estimated 20+ incoming calls per day.

Includes up to 2000 minutes of call time per month.

The number one thing callers want is:

Trustworthy, Fast and Accurate Communication.


You have to do a lot to make sure your business runs well.  This includes being available to answer every time a customer calls your phone.

But that isn't realistic.  You have a lot to do.

So what should you do?  Hire someone full-time and pay thousands of dollars every month?  Not to mention the HR headaches, equipment, training and general headache that comes with employees.

Vet Receptionists is the ideal solution.  It serves your clients dramatically better than a typical call center and more consistently than an in-house employee could answer your calls.

Your clients want answers.

Vet Receptionists knows that every caller has one need: they want answers.  They want a live human that can help them.  Maybe the question is, "Will you help my puppy?" or more importantly, "Can I pay you to help my pet?".

If you do not answer, one of your competitors will.

Vet Receptionists puts customer service as it's number one priority.  This includes for you as our client as well as for your clients.  We take being the voice of your company very seriously.

Why Us?

Vet Receptionists goes above and beyond the typical call answering service in many ways.

  • We hire dedicated Veterinary Technicians for our services answering calls for veterinary clinics.
  • We offer you a dedicated team.  Not a room of 100 strangers.  Your clients will get recognizable, friendly voices.
  • Our hiring and training process weeds out troublesome employees, saving you time and money and offering your clients the best service possible.
  • We continuously train our agents in customer service and keep up to date on the latest in phone answering technology.
  • We can access your software to keep your systems in place.
  • We keep track of time spent on calls and administrative work by the second.  We have no minimum call times, so you are only paying for what you use.  Many call answering services have call minimums for each call and add phantom administrative time to pad their numbers.  Vet Receptionists offers you honest, accurate times so you only pay for what you use.  That makes our actual documented working time per month for each client almost 30% less than a typical call answering service.

Veterinary Technicians On Staff

Vet Receptionists protects you and your business.

Working with Vet Receptionists involves a high level of trust.  Your clients will be speaking to our employees that you have helped train.  This is a big deal and is why we are successful.  Our clients have trusted us to serve them and their clients for years. Vet Receptionists repeatedly receives high accolades and testimonials from our clients.  Many of these testimonials come from our clients that they have heard from their customers.  These are customers that had no idea our clients were using our service.

Our job is to make you the hero.

For additional details of working with Vet Receptionists, please call (608)296-9120 or email


*This is a package built for determining the correct package for new clients.  We reserve the right to limit or not allow usage of this discounted package.

Vet Receptionists™ is a division of Calls On Call™ that specializes in front office administration and phone answering for the veterinary medicine and clinic industry.  We are located outside of Madison, Wisconsin, USA.  All of our agents are located in the United States.

Veterinary Receptionist Service for your veterinary clinic