Veterinary Answering Services
from Vet Receptionists

Vet Receptionists takes care of your clients on the front end, so you can take care of them on the back end.

From professionally answering the incoming calls, to scheduling clients, to answering questions, we can get your calendar full, your clients happy, and your practice blossoming.  All while you do what you do best, taking care of the pets.

Why Vet Receptionists?

Vet Receptionists goes above and beyond the typical call answering service in many ways.

  • Vet Receptionists hires dedicated veterinary technicians for our services answering calls for veterinary clinics.
  • We offer you a dedicated team. Not a room of 100 strangers. Your clients will get recognizable, friendly voices.
  • Our hiring and training process weeds out troublesome employees, saving you time and money and offering your clients the best service possible.
  • We continuously train our vet answering service agents in customer service and keep up to date on the latest in phone answering technology.
  • We integrate with all major veterinary management software platforms. We can access your veterinary practice software to keep your systems in place.
  • We keep track of time spent on calls and administrative work by the second. We have no minimum call times, so you are only paying for what you use. Many call answering services have call minimums for each call and add phantom administrative time to pad their numbers. Vet Receptionists offers you honest, accurate times so you only pay for what you use. That makes our actual documented working time per month for each client almost 30% less than a typical call answering service.


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The Benefits of a Veterinary Answering Service

A veterinary answering service can provide several benefits to veterinary clinics and practices. Here are some of the advantages:

Improved Customer Service: Veterinary answering services ensure that your vet clinic is always accessible to clients, even outside of regular business hours. This helps in providing excellent customer service by addressing inquiries, scheduling appointments, and assisting with urgent concerns.

24/7 Availability: Pet emergencies can happen at any time. With a veterinary answering service, clients can reach your clinic for assistance at night, on weekends, and during holidays, providing peace of mind to pet owners.

Enhanced Professionalism: A professional vet answering service can provide a polished and consistent customer experience, which reflects positively on your practice.

Appointment Scheduling: Our vet answering service can schedule appointments, which reduces the chances of missed calls and ensures that your clinic’s schedule is efficiently managed.

Emergency Triage: Trained professionals at our answering service can assess the urgency of calls and direct true emergencies to the appropriate on-call veterinarian, ensuring timely care for critical cases.

Reduced Staff Burden: Your in-house staff can focus on providing care to animals without the constant interruption of phone calls, improving their productivity and job satisfaction.

Cost-Efficiency: Employing a veterinary answering service can be more cost-effective than hiring additional receptionists, especially for covering after-hours and weekend shifts.

Flexibility: You can adjust the level of service you receive from our call answering service based on your practice’s needs, scaling up or down as necessary.

Customization: Vet Receptionist’s vet answering services allow you to customize call scripts and protocols to ensure that clients receive consistent and accurate information about your clinic’s services and policies.

Multilingual Support: If your practice serves a diverse community, our veterinary answering services can include multilingual support, making it easier for non-English-speaking clients to communicate.

Call Routing: Calls can be routed to the appropriate staff member or department based on the nature of the call, ensuring that clients receive the assistance they need.

Call Recording and Reporting: Our veterinary answering services provide call recording and reporting features, which can help you monitor call quality and track client interactions for quality assurance purposes.

Increased Client Retention: Offering round-the-clock availability and excellent customer service can lead to increased client satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately benefiting your practice’s reputation and bottom line.

Better Work-Life Balance: Veterinarians and clinic staff can enjoy improved work-life balance since they don’t have to be on-call 24/7, leading to reduced stress and burnout.

Scalability: As your practice grows, our veterinary answering service can easily adapt to handle increased call volume and appointment scheduling needs.

Overall, Vet Receptionists’ veterinary answering service can enhance your client’s experience, streamline clinic operations, and contribute to the success and growth of your veterinary practice. It allows you to focus on providing top-notch veterinary care while ensuring that clients can always reach your clinic when they need assistance.

Does your Veterinary Clinic need help?

Vet Receptionists can help your clinic with your two and four legged customers.

Easy to use

What would you do with more time in the day? With your incoming calls answered and resolved, you can spend more time doing things that make you money.

Transparent to Clients

Your customers will not know you have a shared receptionist taking care of your phone calls. All they will know is that you are awesome!


Every company is different. You can train your shared receptionist as if they were your own in-house receptionist.