About Vet Receptionists

For Busy Veterinary Clinics

The other day, as I was dropping off my beagle mix at our local veterinary clinic, I noticed something all around me. Most notably was chaos, frustration and resentment.
As you know, it takes a special kind of person to get in the pet health field. You are constantly seeing some very cute animals in various states of illness or just having what could be called a bad day.

But Why?
You have to have a strong heart, a strong stomach and be one of the most empathetic people around. Caring and driven people are needed, and a rare combination.
The trouble comes when you mix this skillset with the logistics of getting people and pets scheduled, checked in, the pets taken care of, the owners taken care of and everyone doing so as smoothly and kindly as possible.
But that isn’t always easy, right?

Sometimes things fall through the cracks. Missed appointments, missed calls and sometimes employees asked to step out of their roles and help out in different places. Sometimes the vet techs end up answering calls.
Sometimes you have a system set up that may not have been designed to scale as just about every veterinary practice has grown over the past few years.
Add in some other typical business challenges and you have a recipe for chaos, frustration and resentment, on behalf of the employees, the veterinary clinic owners and the customers. Worse yet, the pets experience this from their own perspective.

Help Is Here.
VetReceptionists.com is here to fill in the gap between what a veterinary clinic’s office staff can do and what they need to do.
In doing this, we help make the experience much better for the veterinary clinic employees, clients and, of course, the furry visitors to the vet clinic.
We can do this because we have over a decade of experience helping clients through our parent company, Calls On Call Extraordinary Answering Service.

We also have a dedicated crew of experienced vet techs dedicated to helping busy veterinary clinics.

What Now?
You’re probably not quite sure.  It all sounds great, but can Vet Receptionists really help your clinic? 

Sign up for a trial month.  You’ll pay just a few hundred bucks.  At the end of the month, if you don’t want to continue with us, we’ll give you your money back and we’ll part friends.

No strings, no obligation.  This is purely us offering a way to earn your trust.


Tenents of the Best CSR

Easy to use

What would you do with more time in the day? With your incoming calls answered and resolved, you can spend more time doing things that make you money.

Transparent to Clients

Your customers will not know that you have a shared receptionist taking care of your phone calls. All they will know is that you are awesome!



Every company is different. You can train your shared receptionist as if they were your own in house receptionist.