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The Future of Virtual Receptionists

The Future of Virtual ReceptionistsWe live in an era of technology. This is great news for the customer service industry, including the rise of a new breed of virtual receptionist. What is a virtual receptionist? Most people are aware of telecommunication services....

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The Importance of Pets and Your Mental Health

The Importance of Pets and Your Mental HealthPetting a cat can be the antidote to loneliness. A dog can lift your mood. And having a pet to snuggle at night will make you less anxious, according to research. Scientists have confirmed what we pet owners know to be...

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Virtual Veterinary Receptionists

Virtual Veterinary ReceptionistsWhen people think of practicing veterinary medicine these days, many of them have the picture of the veterinarian and his/her staff working with patients. But it is also not unusual that, with so many people doing so many different...

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Is Your Vet Tech Answering Your Phones?

Is Your Vet Tech Answering Your Phones?In February 2023, the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) wrote an article stating veterinary technicians were being paid more, yet are still facing concerns over wages, burnout and debt. Due to Covid-19, many...

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The Best People to Answer Your Calls

The Best People to Answer Your CallsKnowledge is power. You wouldn't have someone with no knowledge of dentistry answer at your dental clinic, so why would you have someone without veterinary knowledge answer your phones at your veterinary clinic? Veterinary...

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Phone Tips for a Veterinary Receptionist

Phone Tips for a Veterinary ReceptionistWhen a customer calls a new, or familiar, business, they want to feel that their voice is heard and their concerns are being addressed. This is especially true for anyone calling a veterinary practice. Whether it is an existing...

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Reasons Someone May Call a Vet Clinic

Reasons Someone May Call a Vet ClinicIn today’s world and technology, clients have the skills and resources to do their research. What does this mean for a veterinary clinic? It means that it is important for your team to offer the best customer service and veterinary...

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